exit planning

What We Do:

You've worked a lifetime growing and nurturing your business. Success was built upon the talents, time, energy and vision of you and your team, and this success, in turn, created VALUE. The Bunker Hill Exit Planning team helps business owners, like you, realize this value when departing their businesses by developing and implementing comprehensive plans custom-designed to meet or exceed their unique business departure goals.

How It is Done:

The exit planning process begins with a clear understanding of your departure goals: Timing (when do you want to depart?), Financial Security (will you have the critical mass needed to fund your retirement or post-business life goals?) and Succession (who will run the business after you have departed?). Working with you, we jointly determine the feasibility of these fundamental goals. Next, plans are crafted to either effectuate the exit or to further prepare the company for an exit event down the road. We are there with you, as your Trusted Advisor, from establishing objectives to ultimate departure.

Why You should Plan for Your Exit:

Only 20% of businesses for sale will successfully transfer to a new owner, and only 30% of family-owned businesses survive through a second generation. The majority of business owners are within 15 years of traditional retirement age. The supply/demand imbalance this will create between the number of businesses to be sold versus the number of potential buyers argues strongly for careful pre-planning of your exit.

Your business success was not achieved by accident; neither should your departure from what you have built. Join the other satisfied business owners who have gained peace of mind by planning their business exit with Bunker Hill. Contact the Bunker Hill team today to schedule a no-obligation discussion of your business departure goals and objectives.